The Kokusai Taishin Budokwai Renmei is a federation of budo styles (martial arts of Asian, especially Japanese origin) and budo practices of „Body And Spirit School“ (Tai-Shin-Ryu) and is attached as subdivision of the International Budo Do Federation Association (IBDF).

In it are all traditional, unarmed (Kara-ho) and armed (Buki-ho) Budo styles and modern combat styles with self defence character. Also there are health-beneficial practices with budo background that emphasizes the pursuit of unity between body and spirit by training both.

The following federations are affiliated to the Kokusai Taishin Budokwai Renmei:

  • Taishin Goshinkwai Renmei (unarmed Budo styles and modern Combat styles)
  • Taishin Kobukwai Renmei (traditional weapon Budo styles and modern Combat styles)
  • Taishin Kenkoukwai Renmei (methods conducive to health with Budo background)

In these federations you can make exams and licences. Associations are able to connect. Responsible for these areas as president is Sensei Thomas Klein.